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          1. +86-796-3692389


            ABOUT HENGHUI

            Jiangxi Henghui Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in industrial park of Xiajiang county, Jiangxi. It is a pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and customization of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates. The company owns a group of highly-qualified and professional team, more than 50% of the employees have college degree or above, thus it is capable of developing and producing new products.

            Focusing on purine products, such as adenine, 6-Chloropurine, 6-Benzylaminopurine, the company has formed scale production. Other superior products include: cclocytidine hydrochloride, ulipristal acetate, roflumilast, bendamustine hydrochloride, nelzarabine and other pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates.

            At present, the company has established independent R&D center in Hangzhou led by senior project leaders. Our ...[ MORE>> ]

            CONTACT US

            Tel: +86-796-3692389             Fax: +86-796-3692579

            E-mail: sales@henghuiyaohua.com

            Sales Department (purine series)

            Tel: +86-796-3692389; +86-13576622155

            Contact: Nie Guoqun

            APIs, intermediate, product and technical services:

            Tel: +86-18179617733        QQ: 120145625

            Contact: Wu Yonggang

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